A Thousand and One Nights

By Umm Kulthum

Oh my love! Night and the sky, stars and moon; staying up; you and I. Oh my love! Oh my life! We all are alike in love and passion. Love is staying up making us sip happiness and saying: "To your health!” Oh my love! Let us live in the eyes of night. Let us say to the sun:"Rise in a year, and not before ” For tonight is a sweet night of love and is worth a thousand and one nights. It is worth a whole life; How many nights like this one does one get in a whole life?! ABOUT THE LYRICS Arab people are familiar with these famous lyrics. They are sung by Umm Kulthum, also known by her stage name Kawkab Sharq, due to the beauty of her voice. She was an Egyptian vocalist who died in 1975. All the words in this song are about love, and how one night might change your life in unexpected ways. It’s also about how love can make you crazy in the best ways! Egyptian people are known as much for the singer Umm Kulthum as they are for their pyramids! By Marwa Alraee About Marwa Marwa A. is a married mom of two who is a regular contributor to the Friends, Peace & Sanctuary Journal. FPSJ is a partner, along with The Local, in WHYY’s News & Information Community Exchange.